Queen of Hearts weights from Maya Jewelry, Rose Gold plated with Red Coral hearts.

Yellow Gold medium sized Heart nostril screw from BVLA. 

The Lindsay Triple Heart clicker in Rose Gold with CZ accents, also from BVLA. 

Warm gold hearts to warm your heart this winter.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)


really liking how I look in this picture

i looked so cute the other day aww


I liked her. She wasn’t like other girls. She was old fashioned. She didn’t just send a nude. She hired a professional artist to a paint a nude portrait of her, framed it, and then shipped it to me. It took several months to get to here. It had to travel a treacherous voyage around the cape. Many men died bringing me this wonderful work of art. 






well it took me about 2 seconds to reblog this


im in loveeeee


Zahia Dehar, Spring 2013 Couture


u cant trust people who step on flowers


i miss dreaming with my eyes open 

i miss you rolling a spliff while i lay watching you from the bed i touch your back i touch your glowing gold soul with mine it’s pitch black 
once you cried & i crawled naked across the floor just to sit on your lap
sorry for pretending not to want 
there’s so many ghosts between me 
& us two but i saw your soft face i heard your soft voice & in that movie
you’re fucking me, remember how we do?
paris is the city that’s most romantic is what they tell everybody & for me it’s no different; before it was all cameras & beautiful dresses & loneliness
but you asked for a chance & i gave it i’m yours i’m a godless 
world but for you i get on my knees i don’t pray but i say your name
& it feels the same

really liking how I look in this picture


I still think about her


I still think about her